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Haiku Summaries of 18 Countries


Since we’ve returned home, we’ve had lots of people ask us our thoughts about various countries we went to.  But, strangely, no one has asked us to summarize our experience somewhere in 17 syllables. Time to change that. HawaiiAmazing beauty.You’ll want to retire here,But learn to surf first. FijiLovely place to dive, Great sights and friendly people.But clean rooms aren’t cheap. AustraliaAwesome animals!Melbourne’s great, so is Sydney.Big land, banana. New ZealandAnimals are few, But lots of sheep and mountains.‘Hobbit’ tie-ins, too. IndonesiaGreat food. “Sir, taxi?”Rice fields and temples galore.But *so*…

Completely unique photos of churches

Taman Sari, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I got into a habit when we were walking around Italy, visiting a seemingly endless series of churches. I would take a few pictures and then, looking for some unique and new angle to photograph, I would say to myself, ‘What if I isolated the steeple of the church against the blue background of the sky? I’ll bet that would make a cool and interesting photo.’ I would take the picture and walk away, very satisfied with myself. “What a creative and innovative photographer you are, Jeremy!” I would think.…