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10 Colosseum Facts and Tips For Your Visit

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The Colosseum was one of our favorite sites in Rome. Here are 10 fun facts about the ancient world’s largest amphitheater and some tips for your visit.  If you don’t care about fun facts, click here to skip straight to the tips. 1. When it first opened, ancient Romans wouldn’t have called it “the Colosseum.”  It would have been the “Flavian Amphitheater” to them, named after the Emperor who built it in 72 AD. 2. But, they did call it the Colosseum eventually. The Emperor Nero erected a mammoth statue of…

RTW Travel Tip: Swim Shirt

Once upon a time (in Fiji), when we still had white shirts.

Prior to departing for this adventure, we sat down with a friend and fellow traveler Rebecca G. She gave us one great piece of advice we are glad we took, to invest in a swim shirt before we left. But, we would do differently if we did it again. For those who aren’t familiar, a swim shirt is a shirt that offers UV protection and is made to be worn in the water. It’s a cousin of the rash guard, which is a tighter, more durable shirt that helps protect…

RTW Travel Tip: Vegetarian Thailand


As we wander through Thailand, I am loving the food. Whether dining at a cooking school on something new I learned to make or snacking at the night market, I am finding all sorts of awesome food. (That being said, I also get really excited about having my own kitchen and cooking up some of the comforting foods of home.) One of the challenges of being a vegetarian in Thailand and not knowing the language is fish. And shrimp. And oysters. Many Thai dishes involve fish sauce, dried shrimp paste…