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More Cup Highlights

Orchid Fascinator

I wanted to share a few more fun pictures from our day at the Melbourne Cup. When you arrive you walk through a long rose lined path to the entrance. Once your tickets are checked you can wander the grounds. We found a fashion show and stopped there to watch both the models and the crowd. Then Charles and Camilla drove the grounds and waved. We managed to get up to the front and Jeremy snapped a nice shot. From there we walked around the horse holding area, looked at…

Melbourne Cup Tips for Budget Travelers

He's smiling now, but soon we lose it all.

Here’s a few tips for other travelers who want to experience the Melbourne cup on a budget. 1. Find a Vinnies, Lifeline or other second hand store for your outfit. Tip: Cup day is full of color, derby day is mostly black and white. Most men wear suits or suitcoats, but we skipped that to save money. A tie is a must. We decided to wear the shoes we had instead of buy new ones to save a little as well. 2. Bring your picnic lunch and water bottles, treat…

Most Creative Fascinator


I had hoped I would make my own fascinator for the Melbourne Cup (aka “the race that stops a nation”) last week, but it ended up being more affordable to just buy one. We’re still working on a recap post of our day at the cup, but for now I present you with the most creative fascinator of the day and a picture of mine. The tower fascinator photo doesn’t fully capture the glitter effect, but it does includes some others to look at in the background.