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Stuff Southeast Asians Like

So good.

With three months of travel in this region, we are pretty much experts on all things Southeast Asia* and qualified to make sweeping judgments about the preferences of the 600+ million people who live in this part of the world.  So without further ado… Stuff Southeast Asians Like: Straws – Since we’ve arrived in this part of the world, nearly every drink we’ve ordered has come with a straw. And sometimes, if we’re ordering a smoothie (we order lots of smoothies), it comes with two: a normal straw, and one…

Orchids Galore in Singapore


Singapore is full of amazing orchids, you’ll find them at your hotel, decorating the airport, lining the walkways of the zoo and more. By far the best place to appreciate the orchids is at the National Orchid Garden in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Many orchid varieties grow best in the equatorial climates with around 80% humidity and 80 degree weather. Since most of us try to keep our houses under 80% humidity in order to not drip in sweat all day long, this may explain why some orchid varieties are…

Singapore’s Magical Merlion


Singapore’s official(ly strange) symbol is the half-lion/half-fish statue called the Merlion.The lion head represents Singapore’s original name (“Lion City”) while the fish body is an ode to the city’s origins as a fishing village. The Merlion stands 8.6 meters high and weighs more than 70 tons. It’s made of cement, parts of porcelain plates, and has small red teacups for eyes. The statue stands guard over the waterfront. Viewed at night, it is magnificent, spewing forth water from its mouth in a spectacle that is powerfully moving to behold.  Fun…