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The Things They Carried


It’s the night before we leave, and we’re still making decisions about what to bring with us. As the weight of the pack grows, it is time to get ruthless: books are jettisoned; items that ‘might be nice to have’ are thrown aside. We’re just going to be taking the essentials with us.  And to that end, here’s what we’re fitting into one Columbia Axle 45 rolling duffel, one North Face Hot Shot backpack, a purse, a Gap messenger bag, and one enormous old Nike rolling duffel bag that we…

Taking a Trip Before Your Trip


Jeremy and I embarked on a two week roadtrip in late August. Our goal was to see friends and family prior to our departure. Here are a few pics from MN, OH, PA and WI. We also ended up learning a few things that will be helpful for our trip. 1. Pack more underwear. Otherwise you will constantly be doing laundry. 2. If Jeremy and I are both driving, 8-9 hours seems to be our limit in one day. I understand this is violation of our midwestern heritage. It seems…

It’s all in the Family

Cherry Blossoms 2012

Perhaps we felt inspired by all the international tourists visiting the Cherry Blossoms here in DC, but at some point this spring we told our families about our plans. I was really surprised by the support we received. I’m sure our families are thinking some variation of “Oh my god, are you crazy?” but that’s not what they are saying. It felt really good to know we would have their support. Everyone said something about how excited they were for us, how it’s important to follow your dreams and do…