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Luggage Update: Bag #4

Big Green stands empty and abandoned, while Big Red is full of my stuff and ready to serve.

I have some bad news to share about Big Green, my replacement-for-the-replacement bag that I have been using since we bought it in Vienna two months ago. Big Green is no more.  In just 8 weeks of use, it suffered multiple catastrophic structural failures that rendered it unusable. To wit: – The hard plastic shell that lines the entire suitcase was broken in at least three places. – The top handle had pulled almost completely off. When I needed to lift the bag, I had to lift with both the…

Around the World in Three Bags

That's the Beast, on the far left

Many – perhaps even most – people, when starting out on a year-long trip around-the-world, would think carefully about the luggage they were going to bring. Perhaps they would even try out different types of luggage at a store that specializes in such things, and maybe even load up the bag with the items they planned to bring, just to make sure it all fit. Not me. I started the trip with an enormous Nike duffel bag that I found in our attic.  I cleaned it off, threw out some…

The Things They Carried


It’s the night before we leave, and we’re still making decisions about what to bring with us. As the weight of the pack grows, it is time to get ruthless: books are jettisoned; items that ‘might be nice to have’ are thrown aside. We’re just going to be taking the essentials with us.  And to that end, here’s what we’re fitting into one Columbia Axle 45 rolling duffel, one North Face Hot Shot backpack, a purse, a Gap messenger bag, and one enormous old Nike rolling duffel bag that we…