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Eveleigh Farmer’s Market


We’ve arrived in Sydney, technically in the Inner Western suburb of Stanmore, and I am loving being back in the city. Since it’s the start of our two week stay and a Saturday and the world didn’t end, we decided to hunt down a market. We decided to take the car for its final ride to the Eveleigh markets before we returned it. Perhaps this was a mistake since our 15 minute drive took an hour. I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to change the name…

Victoria Market: Melbourne


Last week, we passed most of a day in Melbourne at the Victoria Market. Unfortunately for me, the main entrance leads right into the fish and meat area, but once we got out of there, things improved greatly. You can find everything you need (or don’t) there. Cookware from India, licorice ropes, local produce and cheese, a digital watch with alarm and two time zones that isn’t too ugly. This last item was on Jeremy’s list since our previous target watch met it’s death in Fiji, in spite of its…

Mill City Market

Mill City Market Gourds

We visited our first market of the trip today here in Minneapolis. The Mill City Market operates on Saturdays  8 am – 1 pm from May to October. In spite of 30 degree weather and lots of wind, we still managed to make our way across the Stone Arch Bridge for breakfast tacos, chocolate croissants and more. After the market, we hit the Mill City Museum shop and the overlook at the Guthrie. Here’s some fall market shots to enjoy. Let’s hope it’s our coldest market of the trip.