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Guide Us: Italy


Contrary to popular belief, we have not lost the password to the blog. We just took a week off and hung out with family in Lillehammer, Norway. We had fabulous time full of waffles, baby snuggles, endless playtime, and domestic comforts. Tomorrow we fly to Italy. It should be the last country of our trip and we plan to stay until the end of October. We’ll be starting with a week in Florence. Later we plan to hit Parma, Rome and spend a week in the countryside somewhere. We plan…

Guide Us: Paris

I know this may come as a shock to all of you*, but we need your help to guide us through Paris. We’ll be there next week. So tell us what to see and do, where to eat and most importantly – tips for making it affordable. We are especially interested in neighborhoods outside the center where lodging might be less expensive. *FAQ below Um, aren’t you in Cambodia right now? Yes So, Paris is next? Yes What about (insert country you thought we’d go to before we made it…

Guide Us: Laos & Cambodia

In about a week we plan to head to Laos and Cambodia. We have about 16 days to spend there. Right now we plan to hit Luang Prabang and Vietiane in Laos and Siem Riep/Angkor Wat in Cambodia, possibly Phnom Phen. We’d love your tips on where to sleep, eat, visit, how to get around and the must sees and things to avoid. Thanks to those who have already shared!

Guide Us: New Zealand

We are on our way to New Zealand tomorrow. We will be there about 5 weeks, hitting both the North and South Islands. Give us your tips, must-sees, try-to-avoids, places to eat, things to do in the comments below!

Guide Us: Sydney

OK, it’s hard to believe, but in just 2 weeks we will arrive in Sydney for the holidays. We want your tips! What should we see and do? Will Australian public television play Christmas Eve on Sesame Street? Where should we eat? Any special Christmas things we should know about? What should we avoid? Where should we go for the New Year’s fireworks and just how insanely early do we need to get there? Thanks in advance.