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The making of a sarong


One of my goals for this trip was to make my own batik. There are a quite a few places offering classes on batik in the Ubud area, but we had to search a bit to find one that offered both canting (drawing in hot wax) and stamping. We settled on Widya’s Batik and ended up coming back for 3 days we liked it so much. We highly recommend you go there if you ever make it to Ubud.  This is the making of my Sarong in pictures, the process…

Danger: A Knitter Visits NZ

NZ Sheep!

We knew this would happen. We were going to New Zealand. There would be yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. It doesn’t matter that I am not a serious hardcore knitter. I don’t make sweaters as complicated or really anything as amazing as Jeremy’s sister. But a periodic knitter I am (mostly in winter) and this means when I am surrounded by amazing supplies I am likely to spend way too much money. And once I found this blog post about a yarn tour, I knew it was all over.…

Crafting on the Road


I put the finishing touches on my crafting kit for the road today while shopping with Jeremy’s mother and sister. You may ask yourself, what does a crafter who has an entire room full of supplies pack for a year on the road? Or how do you fill an entire room dedicated to crafting? Or why could you fill an entire refrigerator box of fabric alone? Or how hard was it to throw away those old calendars while you were packing, I mean, you might want them for a project…