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Turtles of Mon Repos

Covering the hole with sand

Bundaberg, in Queensland Australia, is mostly known for its local rum distillery and a soft drink manufacturer, both of whom offer over-priced tours.  Amber and I traveled to Bundaberg to visit the turtle rookery at Mon Repos beach, about 10 miles away. The beach at Mon Repos has the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles in eastern Australia. The endangered loggerhead turtle nests here in greater numbers than in any other place in the world.    Every year, from November to March, adult female turtles come ashore to lay their…

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay

Yellow fish

This morning, Amber and I drove to Oahu’s Hanauma Bay, a nature preserve that was formed 30,000 years ago from volcanic activity on Oahu (the area was formed then, I should say; it was only designated as a protected area in the1960s).  The calm and protected water inside the bay have formed a perfect place for all kinds of fish to come and swim among the coral that grow there, and those fish have, in turn, attracted immense numbers of tourists–up to 3,000 each day–who come to snorkel and dive…

Aloha from Kailua, Oahu

Kailua sun rise

We arrived in Honolulu last night around 9 p.m., which our bodies interpreted as closer to 3 in the morning. After picking up our rental car, we navigated to the town of Kailua, on Oahu’s eastern shore, about 20 minutes from Honolulu, and make it to the home of Amber’s former coworker, Sam, who graciously received us with fresh floral leis. Our internal clocks made sure we were awake by 6 a.m. this morning, so we walked one block to the beach and watched the sunrise.