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We’ve Adopted

Baby feeding

People say when you embark on a trip like this, it will change your life forever. You will become a new person. While we were in Kuranda, we made a big decision and decided to adopt. I know, money is tight as we travel and we don’t even have jobs right now, but it was something we had to do. Meet Wobby, she is a few weeks old, born to a mother who was previously injured and lives permanently at Batreach in Kuranda. With their help, Wobby will make her…

The Bat Signal

Fiji Bat Signal

Sometimes you need a sign. A sign that you did the right thing. Like when you leave a dirty, mildewy, ant-infested and cheap hostel and jump ship to a place 3 times more expensive that offers features like hot water and cleanliness, that it’s ok. Last night we got that sign, when we got a free bat show. The bats come out at sunset right in front of our new hotel and fly from tree to tree. If the hotel staff are telling the truth, they are the Fijian Monkey-faced…